Why Use Interview Connect

With the economy heating up, hiring managers know that the global competition for the "best and the brightest" is fiercer than ever before.  The success of your organization is directly tied to your ability to identify and hire the best candidates before the competition does. 

Interview Connect can help you meet that challenge in three vitally important ways: 

  • Save time and streamline your screening process 
  • Improve the quality of your hires 
  • Create a searchable Human Capital Reserve

Save Time and Streamline Your Screening Process 

The screening interview is a necessary but needlessly time consuming element of the hiring process. Hiring managers must interview hundreds of potential candidates just to identify the handful that are suitable for further consideration.  Key personnel must be repeatedly pulled from important work for unproductive "meets and greets." 

Our  innovative Interview Connect solution delivers the ability to conduct "virtual interviews" with candidates located anywhere in the world.  The candidate's answers are recorded via webcam and saved for your review.  The resulting virtual interview is stored in a searchable database for retrieval and sharing whenever it's needed.

And, unlike other online interviewing services, the Interview Connect solution is an asynchronous solution.  This means you do not have to be present to conduct the interview. Job seekers use Interview Connect to complete an interview at anytime, and you can review the results "on demand", at whatever time that best suits your schedule. 

Improve the Quality of Your Hires 

Interview Connect delivers a breakthrough solution to any organization seeking to improve the quality and agility of their recruiting and hiring process.  Unlike traditional interviewing methods, Interview Connect creates a permanent record of everything the candidate says and does.  This record can be reviewed by you and shared with whoever else is involved in the decision making process. 

Interview Connect  includes a rich set of tools for tagging, annotating, and rating each interview.  The result is that each candidate can be considered more carefully and more comprehensively, thus enhancing the overall quality of your hiring process. 

Create a Searchable Human Capital Reserve 

Approval for a new position may be held up for months or even years, but when it finally comes through you need to find the best candidate as quickly as possible.  Interview Connect's advanced search tools allows you to quickly and easily search thousands of interviews for the candidate that meets your exact specifications.  

Every screening interview that is completed with Interview Connect becomes part of your organization's Human Capital Reserve, a storehouse of talent available at your fingertips.