Why Us?

For job seekers, Perfect Interview Interview Coach is an online rich-media eLearning solution that enhances job interviewing skills and develops confidence. We accomplish this by creating a compelling and realistic “simulated interview” experience where you are asked challenging questions and must respond, just as you would in a real job interview. For more information about Interview Coach, please click here.

For employers, we offer Perfect Interview Interview Connect, an online virtual interview platform. Employers can use Interview Connect to quickly and easily create virtual interviews, invite candidates to take them over the web, then view and manage the results across the enterprise. For more information about Interview Connect, please click here.

Is this something new?

Everyone seems to have recently discovered video interviewing, but we’ve been in the business for close to ten years. Perfect Interview was introduced in 2003 and is currently in use by over 250 organizations in the United States and Canada, including institutes of higher education, corporate employers, and government agencies. It’s based upon a system that we developed for the United States Government. The Government version has been successfully used for years to help military personnel make the transition to civilian careers. We’ve added a number of “bells and whistles” and developed completely new content for the product we are offering here.

Exactly how does it work?

Job seekers use Interview Coach to develop their interviewing skills. You tell Interview Coach what kind of job interview you want to practice and how long you want it to be. A professional interviewer appears on your computer screen and asks the questions. You must respond, just as you would in a real interview. You can repeat each question as often as you like, and you can even see examples of how someone else might answer. And, if you get stuck, there’s a built-in Interview Coach to offer help.

What types of questions will I see?

Perfect Interview contains over two thousand questions, responses, and helpful hints. Every time you use Perfect Interview, you’ll see interview questions that are custom tailored to your level of experience, education, and qualifications — from entry-level all the way up to senior management. You can also tell Perfect Interview to concentrate on specific question categories, such as management skills, when you use it.

Will I see the same interview over and over again?

Perfect Interview contains over one thousand interview questions, responses, and helpful hints – that’s over four and half hours of digital video content. And, the software is designed to “mix and match” both the order and the appearance of the interview questions and responses on a random basis for every interview scenario. The chances are you could use it a dozen times and never see the exact same interview twice.

Do I get to pick the questions I want to see?

Sorry, but no, you don't. And guess what -- employers don't let you pick the interview questions you'd like to answer, either. You have to answer them as they come, and that's exactly how Perfect Interview works. After practicing a few times, you can select categories of questions that you'd like to concentrate on.

How are the interview questions developed?

Our product development team researched thousands of the most challenging and critical interview questions that are asked during employment interviews. We also consulted with leading career counselors and Human Resources professionals to ensure that our content represents the most recent trends in the employment market.

I’d like to know who is using Perfect Interview.

Perfect Interview is in use by educational institutions across the country, ranging from leading universities to private and community colleges. To see a complete list of our customers, please click here.

Many job seekers have years of experience in their field. How could Perfect Interview could help them?

You may be very experienced in your field, but, like many job-seekers, you probably don’t have a lot of experience with the interview process itself. When you use Perfect Interview, you’ll learn how to present your skills and qualifications in the best possible light. And that will give you a key advantage over your competition.

What’s this about a camera?

Most experts agree that how you look in an interview is as important as what you say. So we’ve included an exclusive video capture feature in Perfect Interview, which allows you to record and playback your answers to each interview question. When you use Perfect Interview with the video capture feature, you can be confident you will look as good as you sound.

Can I use Perfect Interview without the camera?

Absolutely. You can get all the interactive features of the Perfect Interview experience without using the video capture feature. We have included this exclusive feature as an extra added value for our customers.

Will it work with my webcam?

Perfect Interview has been designed for compatibility with all available webcams, either built in to your system, or added as a seperate device to a USB port.

Will Perfect Interview work with my computer?

Perfect Interview will work with almost any PC or Mac computer. A broadband internet connection (cable or DSL) is required to use it online.

I’m not very technical. Will this be hard to set up?

Not at all. If you can use your computer to access the Internet, you can use Perfect Interview. The application will automatically install and configure itself on your system. And, if you have any questions at all, we have a friendly and helpful technical support staff standing by.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Minimum system requirements for Perfect Interview are a PC or Mac with a built-in or external webcam and microphone. For PCs, Perfect Interview is compatiable with any version of Windows 10. For Macs, any version of OS X is fine. A broadband connection is required.

If I use Perfect Interview, will you guarantee me that I get a job?

Sorry, we cannot guarantee that for anyone. But we believe that, by using Perfect Interview, you’ll develop your interviewing skills and learn how to present yourself in the best possible light. In today’s competitive job market, that will give you an important advantage.