Resume Creator

A comprehensive, professional resume is a crucial requirement for success in today’s competitive job market. The Perfect Interview Resume Creator delivers the ability to create, review, and publish professional resumes utilizing powerful, easy to use on-line tools.

Using Perfect Interview Resume Creator is easy. First, you select the type of interview to create, and specify a career interest and the type of job you are seeking. The Resume Creator then presents a pre-formatted template with easy to follow instructions for entering all relevant information. You can customize the template at any time, and when you’re done, the completed resume can be published as a PDF, HTML, or RTF document ready for final editing in Word.

Resume Creator includes powerful tools to assist job seekers creating their first resume. Our exclusive Resume Intelligence feature automatically analyzes the type of position the job seeker is applying for, then provides helpful suggestions for writing the best possible resume for that opportunity. You, the career counselor, can review the draft resumes at any time, and enter comments and suggestions that can be viewed by the author online.

Resume Creator seamlessly integrates with Perfect Interview Skills Development and Perfect Interview Virtual Job Fair, providing you with the complete set of tools needed to successfully launch the careers of your graduating students. Perfect Interview Resume Creator is available now