Interview Wizard

Looking for some specialized interview content that is not already available from our extensive media library? With Perfect Interview™, you can create custom interviews of any type or length, using our Custom Online Interview Wizard software.

Use the Interview Wizard to create custom interview questions, example answers, and tutorial messages. Once they are complete, your custom interviews are uploaded to the Perfect Interview™ server, where they can be viewed by any one of your users. Videos for custom interviews can be created right on your desktop using an attached webcam, or can be imported from any digital video source.

Using the Custom Online Interview Wizard is easy. To create a custom interview, just log on to the system, and begin creating your questions one at a time. After you enter the text of your question, the attached webcam will automatically video record you (or whoever you select to be the "on camera talent") asking the question. The recorded video plays back for your approval. Then, just click the “Add Now” button, and the question is added to your custom interview. That's all there is to it. Your custom interview is now ready to be viewed by your users.

Interested in finding out more about Perfect Interview Interview Wizard? Please contact us today. We'd be happy to provide a free demo or even arrange for trial evaluation at your site.

For more information about Interview Coach or Perfect Interview, please contact:

Kari Hasse, Director of Marketing
800.259.7801 x801